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Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Happy Old Man

"I wasn't getting anywhere with my GP, so I decided to pay to see a Nutritionist. I have been very impressed with the service I've received, I've got my life back!. I have received excellent support, both emotionally and practically, and I've felt confident in Lynsey's judgement to help me. Thank you so much Lynsey!"

Roy, 50

Mature Woman

"My digestive system is so much better, very rarely do I get a bloated tummy or unwell feeling like I did. I now feel better, have more energy and don't take medication. My health in general is the best it's been for many years, thanks to following Lynsey's advice."

Jan, 71

Image by Michael Mims

I first visited Core as I needed nutritional advice regarding my low energy levels. I exercised regularly and eat what I thought was relatively well but never seemed to feel the benefits. After speaking to Lynsey I really felt motivated to make a change to my diet. I tried the gut cleansing programme and this really changed my approach to eating and drinking and I felt amazing.


Lynsey has been a fantastic support throughout my whole journey and has taught me how to use food to reap the rewards. I would fully recommend booking a consultation with Lynsey as her knowledge and expertise has helped me change my diet enabling me to live a healthy lifestyle and find the balance without missing out.

Danielle, 34

Middle Aged Woman

‘I was struggling with poor health inside and out for yearst, since following the recommended nutrition plan from Lynsey, I have had a lot of comments saying how lovely my skin looked and and generally how healthy I appeared to be’

Claire, 44

Portrait of Middle Aged Woman

‘ I am so grateful to Lynsey, I never thought I would be able to feel this well again, I am back to being myself after years of pain, and poor quality of life due to chronic IBS, and so many side effects from constant medication. Lynsey is so patient and supportive and knowledgeable! I am on such a high thank you’

Sylvia, 61

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