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Image by Kelli McClintock

Get to the root cause

Understand what is causing your symptoms and what you can do to help the ‘root’ of them

My Get to the root cause programme is for someone who is committed to making permanent changes but not all at once. During the 12 week plan together we will provide you with 12 habits that you can Incorporate Into your day to day life that eventually become a routine, like brushing your teeth every day. After few weeks you will get used to doing those things automatically and you will only focus on building the next habit from your list.

This is what is included when you choose my Get to the root cause programme;

Initial 60 minute consultation with full health history questionnaire to fully understand your situation

Two 30 minute Follow up call to discuss next step

Three 60 minute Follow up face to face call to discuss next step 

Food diary/diet analysis

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Personalised Lifestyle Recommendations

Shopping List linked to menu Plan

Supplement Recommendations 

Fact sheets specific to your relevant individual needs

Weekly menu plan with recipes specific to individual dietary requirements 

Daily planner chart to track completion of your weekly habits / actions 

Weekly emails/texts for accountability   

GP referral letter if required

Private test recommendation (If required-test costs not included)

12 week programme cost £475

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