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Stomach Ache

Take control of your gut

Learn how to manage and take control of your tummy troubles and get back to being the old you!

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It’s time to start now...

Miss being the happy vibrant girl that you used to be?  Fed up having to constantly make sure that there is a toilet available? Perhaps you feel guilty on the kids that you have no energy to look after or play with them. Always tired, needing a nap, nausea, bloating or depressed... 

I hear you


It seems like a dream when you used to be able to eat basically anything you wanted to. 


I understand.

It seems like a dream when you used to be able to eat basically anything you wanted to. You even feel like your family and friends are fed up with you, and yes you do notice the eye rolling! every time you say you don’t want to do something because you feel too sick, or too tired. Not even the countless doctors you’ve seen understand!

I understand

Image by A. L.

I am Lynsey Wilson

BANT registered Nutritional Therapist

I help women just like you understand their gut, how it can heal and that yes! you can take control of your gut and get your life back!


I help with 30+ women who want to take control of their gut health, tummy pain, so that they can become their happy and vibrant selves again even if they feel lost, and it is starting to effect their mental health.

As a result, my clients feel happier with themselves, calmer and more in control.

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